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We use water to wash our hands, cleanse our faces, rinse our feet, and bathe our bodies.

Why not wash our butts too?

Wash it, not wipe it
Why SmartBidet?

Core Values

Customer Service
Bathroom Toilet
Happy Senior Couple

The design of each bidet seat is to allow people from various ages and backgrounds to use the SmartBidet hassle-free.


Our team strives to provide the best customer service to meet each need of every customer. Proof is in the customer reviews!


Let’s cut down less trees and use less water. Using the little bit of water and electricity during each bathroom break does not compare to the immense resources needed to create a roll of toilet paper. 


Various Functions

Posterior, Feminine, Turbo, and Oscillation Wash modes are a given. Heated seat and water are a must for cold climate areas. Soft close toilet lid and seat. Energy save button. Depending on the model, heated dryer, child wash and dry function, on-demand and unlimited heated water may be included.* 


What’s better than filtered water to cleanse your bottom? Not bleached toilet paper.

Customize to your Liking

Adjustable seat, water, and/or dryer’s temperature and pressure. Adjust the nozzle position based on your body. 


Simple to Use

Each function is only a click away by using the remote control or control panel. Some models with a remote control have a simple operation panel by your side. 

Easy Installation

The installation was designed for the average Joe or Jane to be able to follow our step-by-step video or manual on his/her own. The average installation time is 20 to 30 minutes. 

Life Changing

Give SmartBidet a shot and become completely transformed or we guarantee your money back.

*Please check each product page for their features and specifications.

Customer Satisfaction


4.5 out of 5 stars is the average rating

From our customers in the retailers below


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You can also check the reviews in our Reviews Page

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